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Virtual Office and Innovative Technology

The Virtual Office and Innovative TechnologyVirtual Office NY, NY

Virtual offices is one of the  most revolutionary office rental options of the previous three decades. A small enterprise, particularly a one person business, has at all times confronted the problem of where to find and how much to pay. The simple answer, given large enough finances, has at all times been to lease office space. But that conventional method has its own set of challenges. It additionally meant renting or buying furniture, ordering  telephone lines and outfitting the office with technology.

The History of The Virtual Office

The first virtual office was started in 1994 by a company called The Virtual Office, Inc. It is a perfect example of how modern technology has spawned solutions that would not have been dreamed of a few years ago. With a virtual office (sometimes called an intelligent office) you get a wide array of services without even the necessity of a lease. You get many of the amenities of an executive suite with a virtual office, but you don’t get a private office.

A virtual office typically offers:
• A prestigious business address.
• Mail receipt (it can be forwarded for a small fee).
• Telephone answering during business hours.
• Unique phone number.
• Access to conference rooms for a set number of hours per month.
• 24-hour voicemail access.
• A building directory listing.

Most companies offer a virtual office arrangement. Whether you choose an executive suite or a virtual office, both of these options can give you the flexibility you need on a reasonable budget. For a one-person operation an executive office suite can be close to ideal. The location of such a suite is typically in a high profile building, so along with the other amenities, you also get a prestigious address.

The Virtual Office and Your Business

Virtual OfficeFor many businesses that choose to run out of their home could benefit very well from virtual offices. There is obviously a financial benefit to working out of your home, but it has many challenges as well. Seeing clients or customers or holding meetings can be awkward if not downright unprofessional. Fully furnished conference rooms and meeting rooms give the professional and prestigious atmosphere they desire. The home office option is good for a person who does not need to see clients in his or her home, nut if you have and expanding business that needs to meet with clients the home is not a realistic option. Virtual offices allow access to conference rooms and other amenities that will show you are a legitimate business. Also if your business is growing rapidly and you end up needing to expand to an office space you already have a virtual office that can easily be transformed into an executive office suite. In a cost benefit analysis of virtual office rentals they are really the best option. It allows you the prestigious address accompanied with the top notch conference and meeting room access which will make you accessible and professional with your clients.

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